Update! 2020 Threw Lemons, I Made Lemonade


It has been such a long time since I have created a blog post and I have missed it so much. Amid the craziness of a world in a pandemic and a country that appears more divisive by the day, I decided I would add a bit of my own crazy to the pot and bought a new house, moved, started TWO new jobs, and am continuing to work on myself (because, as we all know, we are a constant work in progress).

These last few months have had their ups and downs. Buy a new house (yay!), take on new debt (oof), design/decorate the house of my dreams (yay!), lose all track of a routine and healthy way of existing (major oof), decorate my new classrooms and meet my new kids (yay!), teach while wearing a mask and get slammed with the reminder of how tired 'teacher-tired' really is (oof). It's important to stress, though, that the "yays" far outweigh the "oofs" listed above and I am beyond blessed and fortunate to be where I am at this moment in my life.

There's No Place Like Home

So when the world went into quarantine in March, buying a new house was nowhere on the radar. I was quite content living in my little mobile home. But as the days drug on and I was forced to sit in those same four walls, I grew bored of what I was looking at in my surroundings.

"Okay," I thought, "let's just hop on Pinterest and find ways to spruce up the home a bit." Well, as I pinned more and more, I discovered I wasn't really willing to put the money into making the mobile home what I wanted as mobile homes are known for depreciating in value as time goes on.

So, I closed one app and opened another. That other app just happened to be Zillow...

Within a few days I had found the home of a my dreams. I worked with a dream of an agent who walked me through the whole process step-by-step and now I can say that I am the happy owner of a home (that doesn't have an axel!) I've included some pictures of the new house below for those interested in checking it out. (A post on the whole home-buying process is in the works for the near future, so future home-buyers, stay tuned!)


Those Who Can, Teach

When I left the teaching profession in 2018 to return to grad school, I was burnt out and disenchanted. I had always wanted to be a teacher, but nothing about what I had experienced in that last three years really matched what I had built up in my head surrounding the career.

So I packed my bags and embarked on the next goal on my bucket list - get that Master's. I had zero intention of returning to the classroom as a teacher when I started grad school. I was going to get my degree, move to NYC, and start pounding the pavement as a performer.

Yet, I still found myself coming back to teaching. I started a private voice and piano studio, I directed a student led cabaret where I was able to offer vocal coachings in rehearsals, I carried on with the summer children's theatre workshop where I work as the artistic director and a teacher. So, when a positioned open up in my old school district for elementary music, I decided to take a real close look at what I wanted out of a career. After going through the list in my head of all the things I needed in life and a career, I knew I would be an idiot if I did not apply for this job.

Thank God I did.

This week was the first week back with students and I can honestly say I feel at home with the elementary school age students. I get to sing, dance, and laugh all day long with them and get paid to do it (which is still mind boggling to me). Is it weird teaching in a mask in the middle of a pandemic? Duh. But are the kids grateful to be back in school, learning from teachers they know love them and seeing their friends daily? Absolutely. And that is what matters the most.

Below are some pictures of my new classrooms that I wanted to share with all of you!




In addition to taking on a new full-time teaching gig, I also decided I would take on the role of "Colorguard Coach" at my alma-mater high school. So far, it's been a lot of fun working with the squad and combining my love of dance, theatricality, and marching band all into one concept.

Oh - and I am still working toward singing, dancing, and acting professionally in addition to my work as an educator! Some dreams just never fade.

Health - Mental & Physical - Making it a Priority

Before I moved to the new house, I had put together an excellent daily routine. I had a time for waking up, a set morning routine, specific days I would take care of particular business that needed done, a night time routine, and decent physical health.

Then I was thrown into the midst of buying the house, painting the house, moving into the house, continuing to do things on the house, prepping for the new job(s), starting the new job(s), and now here we are - lacking a true routine and schedule outside of my prescribed work schedule that is provided to me.

Which is why I am recommitting to myself the month of September, mentally and physically. I am excited to write more, read more, and return to my love of solving crosswords to help expand my head game. I am also looking forward to diving back into the act of using to-do lists to help provide a sense of mental focus and accomplishment I feel I have been lacking the last few weeks.

Before the pandemic hit, I was working with a trainer who caters specifically to individuals that are actors. His program was amazing as was he as a trainer and highly recommend coach Joe and Built for the Stage to anyone looking to up their fitness levels. However, when the gyms closed and home-workouts became the trend to stay in shape, I let myself slip. No matter how hard I tried, I just did not enjoy the workouts I was having to do at home. So...I placed my membership to my gym and my work with Coach Joe on hold. I hope to one day (in the near future) return to the Built for the Stage fam as I was seeing amazing results with this program, but for now, I know what I have planned to do is what I need at this time in my life.

To ensure I am committed to myself physically, I will be joining a fitness group via Team BeachBody and led by a friend from undergrad who is an amazing BeachBody coach. I am hoping that with a strong support group, and excellent workout programs specifically designed to be done at home, I will be able to get my physical health back under control and start seeing the changes I want in my body and my nutrition.

Until Next Time...

I hope you continue to join me along my blogging journey as I share tidbits of my life with you in an attempt to bring fresh ideas to your own home, wardrobe, and life. In the time of a global pandemic, it is important for us to find ways to stay connected in a positive manner and I hope you choose this blog as one way of doing so.

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